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April 22, 2018 Chemists Celebrate Earth Week!

 This year's CCEW(Chemists Celebrate Earth Week)'s theme is

"Dive into Marine Chemistry"

                                 Part of the Earth Day Columbus 2018 Celebration
Participants of all ages welcome!!!
Time: 12-7 PM
Location: Genoa Park, Downtown Columbus

Children, Parents, Teachers, and the General Public are invited to our booth in downtown Columbus. Celebrate Earth Day with Chemists and learn how Chemistry and Chemists are involved.

 “Dive into Marine Chemistry” booklets available to all! Includes experiments that can be done at home. 

ChemMatters also available for High school students!
Sponsored by the Columbus Local Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

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Ask about the Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) illustrated poetry contest for children grades K-12! Bring your contest entry to our booth and receive a prize!

Write and illustrate a poem using the CCEW theme, “Dive into Marine Chemistry.” Your poem must be no more than 40 words and in the following styles to be considered:

HAIKU - LIMERICK - ODE - ABC POEM - FREE VERSE - END RHYME - BLANK VERSE Possible topics related to marine chemistry include:

Alginate Coral Bioluminescence Brine Salinity Seaweed Thermal Vents Oil Spill

Entries will be judged based upon:

Artistic Merit - use of color, quality of drawing, design & layout Poem Message - fun, motivational, inspiring about yearly theme Originality Creativity - unique, clever and/or creative design Neatness - free of spelling and grammatical errors

Contest rules:

  • Poems must conform to a particular style. No poem may be longer than 40 words.

  • The topic of the poem and the illustration must be related to the yearly CCEW theme.

  • All entries must be original works without aid from others.

  • Each poem must be submitted and illustrated on an unlined sheet of paper (of any type) not larger than 11” x 14”. The illustration must be created by hand using crayons, watercolors, other types of paint, colored pencils, or markers. The text of the poem should be easy to read and may be printed with a computer before the hand-drawn illustration is added, or the poem may be written on lined paper which is cut out and pasted onto the unlined paper with the illustration.

  • Only one enter per student will be accepted.
  • All entries must include an entry form.
  • All illustrated poems and/or digital representations ofthe poems become the property of the American Chemical Society.
  • Acceptance of prizes constitutes consent to use winners’ names, likenesses, and entries for editorial, advertising, and publicity purposes. 

2018 CCEW poem contest entry form 

Calling for Nominations for the Patterson-Crane Award

The Dayton and Columbus Sections of the American Chemical Society are seeking nominations for the Patterson-Crane Award, given biennially to acknowledge meritorious accomplishments in chemical information, broadly defined.  The award, which will be presented at the 49th Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, to be held in Toledo, Ohio, June 13-16, 2018, consists of a $3,000 honorarium, a personalized commendation, as well as travel and lodging expenses.  The recipient is expected to give an address at the time of the award presentation.

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