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 Columbus Nanoworks, Inc.

Columbus Nanoworks, Inc., is a nanotechnology company specializing in custom biomolecule-coated paramagnetic nanoparticles.  Formed in 2004 by principals Dr. Arfaan Rampersaud and Kristie Melnik, Columbus Nanoworks is the remarkable success story of two highly talented Ohio scientists.

Dr. Arfaan Rampersaud is an Ohio native and received a BS degree in Chemistry from Defiance College and a PhD degree in Biochemistry from Kent State University. After working as a scientist for several years in The Ohio State University Department of Pathology, he worked for two Ohio biotech companies, Athersys and IMEDD. 

Kristie Melnik received her BS degree in Microbiology.  She worked in The Ohio State University Department of Pathology, then later in the Department of Chemical Engineering for several years.  In the Department of Pathology, she used magnetic particles to separate stem cells from contaminant cells in cord blood banking and bone marrow transplants.  Following this work, she went to Battelle and then to IMEDD, where she met Dr. Rampersaud.

Between 2004 and 2008, Dr. Rampersaud and Ms. Melnik authored and won four winning SBIR and STTR grants.  Columbus Nanoworks began in July 2004 with ten square feet of rented space at The Ohio State University's Nanotech West Laboratory on Kinnear Road on the West Campus of the University.  The company has grown continually since that  time and now occupies new office and lab space on Chambers Road, while still utilizing equipment at Nanotech West.

Columbus Nanoworks is the first company of its kind to be able to produce and market biomacromolecule-coated nanoparticles from beginning to end.  Using proprietary processes, it is able to produce paramagnetic nanoparticles, coat them with dextran for solubility in aqueous systems, and attach macromolecule ligands such as antibodies or fluorochromes to functional groups on the dextran coatings.  Testing is currently underway to evaluate the capability of these particles to identify cancer and stem cells in various systems.

Columbus Nanoworks, Inc.
1507 Chambers Road
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Arfaan Rampersaud and Kristie Melnik  

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