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 Data / Analysis Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Ronald Mitchum is the president of Data/Analysis Technologies (DAT), Inc. He is an expert in stack testing methods and sampling procedures.  He developed many of the RCRA methods in use today. Among the most notable are the Dioxin methods which are in use worldwide to assess this toxin. He provided technical and managerial leadership to the EPA, FDA and Battelle prior to founding DAT. His experience in analytical methods development and implementation provide his clients with a valuable resource. He led the EPA's Superfund Quality Assurance program. In 1991 he commercialized the process, providing clients with third party quality assurance services, performance materials, documentation and onsite laboratory audits. Today DAT offers a complete selection of  laboratory services and Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment services.

On the right are the people and instruments that make DAT a full service analytical chemistry laboratory.

Data/Analysis Technologies, Inc.
7715 Corporate Blvd.
Plain City, OH 43064 800-733-8644 Customer Service 614-873-0710 Local Phone 614-873-0810 FAX Email



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PCB and Dioxin Analysis

Inorganic and Metals Analysis
  VG Autospec High Resolution MS

  PE ICP Emission Spectrometer

Scott and Ron Mitchum
Lynne Strainic


Volatiles Analysis LC-MS
  HP 5873 GC-MS

Beth Curran and Lynne Strainic

  Micromass Platform LCZ

Ron Mitchum


GC and Sample Prep

HPLC Analysis
HP Gas Chromatograph

HP 1100 High Performance LC

Kandice Dooley
John Kaltenbach and Linda Eirich