Columbus Section

of the American Chemical Society

Past Section Chairs


NameYears in OfficeAffiliation
Henry A. Weber1897-1906OSU
William McPherson1907, 1928OSU
George O. Higley1908Ohio Wesleyan University
William L. Evans


Charles W. Foulk1910, 1911, 1914-1916OSU
James R. Withrow1912-1913OSU
George F. Weida 1917Kenyon College
Cecil E. Boord1918-1920, 1927OSU
Charles P. Hoover1921Columbus Water Purification Works
William E. Henderson1922 OSU
D. J. Demorest1923OSU, Dept. of Metallurgy
Evan J. Crane1924CAS
Jesse E. Day1925OSU
Clyde S. Adams1926 OSU
Oscar L. Barneby1929Barneby Charcoal, Co.
Charles B. Morrey1930OSU, Dept. of Bacteriology
Edward Mack, Jr.1931OSU
John B. Brown1932OSU, Dept. of Physiological Chem.
W. Clarence Ebaugh 1933Denison University
William A. Manuel 1934  
Wallace R. Brode1935OSU
Wesley G. France1936-1937OSU
Richard BradfieldJune-Oct., 1937 
Harvey V. Moyer1937-1938OSU
Herrick L. Johnston1938-1939OSU
Harlan Depew1939-1940 Am. Zinc Sls. Co.
Melville L. Wolfrom1940-1941OSU
Richard S. Shutt1941-1942 Battelle
Alfred B. Garrett1942-1943OSU
Robert C. Williams1943-1944 Ironsides Co.
Melvin S. Newman 1944-1945OSU
John S. Crout1945-1946 Battelle
Joseph H. Koffolt1946-1947OSU
Wm. M. MacNevin1947-1948OSU
Frank H. Verhoek1948-1949 OSU
Paul O. Powers1949-1950Battelle
Roy G. Bossert1950-1951Delaware, OH
Randall G. Heiligmann1951-1952 Battelle
Fred E. Deatherage1952-1953OSU, Dept. of Ag. Biochem.
Ellsworth E. McSweeney1953-1954 Battelle
Lawrence P. Biefeld1954-1955 Owens-Corning Fiberglas
Kenneth W. Greenlee1955-1956OSU
John N. PattisonJune-July, 1956Battelle
Palmer B. StickneyAug., 1956-Dec., 1957Battelle
James V. Robinson1958Mead Corp., Chillicothe
Richard D. Morin1959 Battelle
John W. Clegg1960Battelle
Samuel A. Woodruff1961 Battelle
Randall G. Rice1962CAS
Frank C. Croxton1963 Battelle
Jack G. Calvert1964OSU
Paul K. Glasoe1965Wittenberg University
Richard C. Himes 1966Battelle
Robert I. Leininger1967OSU
Joyce M. Healy1968CAS
Ferd R. Wetsel 1969CAS
Paul G. Gassman1970OSU
William R. Dunnavant1971Ashland
H. Dale Hannan1972CAS
William A. Hoffman1973Denison University
Daryle H. Busch1974OSU
Eugene J. Mezey1975Battelle
Theodore Kuwana1976OSU
Bill M. Culberston1977OSU School of Denistry
Charles W. Moulton1978CAS
P. Rexford Ogle1979Otterbein College
Lucile E. Decker1980CAS
Robert E. Schwerzel1981Battelle
Jerry A. Jenkins1982Otterbein College
Gwilym E. Owen1983 Owens-Corning Fiberglas
Leo A. Paquette1984OSU
Horatio H. Krause1985Battelle
J. Richard Toler1986Owens-Corning Fiberglas
Thomas A. Evans1987Denison University
Larry B. Anderson1988OSU
Andrew Wojcicki1989OSU
Philip J. Pollick1990Watkins, Dunbar and Pollick
Priscilla Ratliff1991 Ashland Chemical
Edmund T. King1992CAS
A. Lewis Hogarth1993Ross Labs
Michael L. Miller1994Witco Corp.
Theresa Huston1995CAS
Jerry Timmons1996The Scotts Co.
Maria G. V. Rosenthal1997CAS
Wendy A. Reichenbach1998CAS
Donald C. Songstad1999CAS
Mark B. Fischer2000CAS
James A. Cowan2001OSU
Sherry Hemmingsen2002Varian
Anton Heyns2003CAS
Jon Parquette2004OSU
Jodie Harper20052Plus
Tom Weeks2006Ashland Inc (retired)
John Long2007 (died in office)GFS Chemicals Inc
Ron Mitchum2007-2008DAT Labs, Inc.
Priscilla Ratliff
Ashland Inc. (retired)
Steven Rosenthal
Karen A. Irving
Natalie A. Chilicki
The Scotts Co.
David R. Speth
Wenbin Qi
MetalloPharm LLC
David R. Speth2015Evans Adhesive Corp.
Jeffrey B. Trent 2016West-Ward Pharmaceuticals


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