Columbus Section

of the American Chemical Society

The Columbus Section Award

The Columbus Section Award is presented every two years to an outstanding scientist in the field of chemical sciences, including chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, chemical engineering, materials sciences, and science education. It is presented in recognition of development of professional careers and the promotion of chemistry and of chemists and engineers in the broader community, within the geographic area of the Columbus Section.

The awardee is selected from a group of scientists nominated for the award by their colleagues and must be within the membership of the Columbus Section of The American Chemical Society, as must the nominator.

PLEASE NOTE: All ACS members residing in the Central Ohio area are automatically members of the Columbus Section.

The nomination materials of the candidates must include a letter by the nominator, several letters of recommendation from colleagues of the nominee, a curriculum vitae for the nominee, a list of publications and any other information considered relevant.

The award committee is composed of a chair and members from industry, academia and the independent chemical areas, and selection of awardee will take place in time for the May Section meeting. The award consists of a plaque to be held by the recipient for two years, a medallion, and a cheque. In addition, the recipient will deliver a lecture at the time of award presentation.

The deadline for submission of nominations is March 1st of the award year.

Completed nomination packages should be mailed to:

ACS Columbus Section
attn.: CS AWARD
P.O. Box 82181
Columbus, OH 43202

The Columbus Section Award  Past Recipients

1976   Melvin L. Newman   The Ohio State University
1977   Rodger L. Foltz   Battelle Memorial Institute
1978   Daryle A. Busch   The Ohio State University
1979   Leo A. Paquette   The Ohio State University
1980   Fred A. Tate   Chemical Abstracts Service
1981   Jack G. Calvert   The Ohio State University
1982   Bill M. Culbertson   Ashland Chemical Company
1983   Leon M. Dorfman   The Ohio State University
1984   Robert I. Leininger   Battelle Memorial Institute
1986   Carl F. Sievert   Capital University
1988   Kenneth W. Greenlee   SCB Division - Retired
1990   Sheldon G. Shore   The Ohio State University
1992   Andrew Wojcicki   The Ohio State University
1994   Harold Shechter   The Ohio State University
1996   Terry B. Mazer   Abbott Labs., Ross Products Division
1998   Horatio Krause   Battelle Memorial Institute Retired
2000   David J. Hart   The Ohio State University
2002   Umit S. Ozkan   The Ohio State University
2004   Susan Olesik   The Ohio State University
2006   George Pilcher   Akzo Nobel Coatings
2008   Val Metanomski   Chemical Abstracts Service
 James A. Cowan
The Ohio State University
2014 Jon Parquette
 The Ohio State University