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GFS Chemicals Wins AWWA 2012 Green Ribbon Award

 AWWA announces ACE12 green ribbon recipients

Source: American Water Works Association (AWWA)

May 22, 2012


DENVER, CO -- The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has announced the recipients of its 2012 Green Ribbon Award.  Recipients will be designated with a green ribbon on their exhibit booth during AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE12) at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, June 10-14.

Criteria for the award included either an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification, or a combination of environmental programs, policies and initiatives.  Based on the criteria, recipients were determined by AWWA’s Manufacturers/Associates Council.

Recipients of the 2012 Green Ribbon Award are: ADS LLC; Akzo Nobel - International Paints; AMCO Clear®: A Division of GFS Chemicals, Inc.; Capstone Metering LLC; Clarion Lubricants; Data Flow Systems; EBAA Iron, Inc.; Fairmount Water Solutions; Ford Meter Box Company Inc.; GF Piping Systems; HOBAS PIPE USA; Kruger Inc.; Layne Christensen Company; Mitsubishi Electric; Monroe Environmental; Motion Computing; Mueller Co.; MWH Constructors, Inc.; Neptune Technology Group Inc.; NO-DES, Inc.; NSF International; Orica Watercare Inc.;  PAX Water Technologies; Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LPlive;  POLLUTION EQUIPMENT NEWS / Rimbach Publishing Inc.; PSI/Pikotek; Sigelock Systems, LLC; Tetra Tech; The Chlorine Institute and Trojan Technologies.

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Congressman Pat Tiberi Tours GFS Chemicals

Columbus Ohio - Wednesday May 18 [2011] - Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-OH 12th Congressional District) toured the GFS Chemicals inorganic manufacturing operations to meet with employees and discuss issues facing small businesses and manufacturers in Ohio.

The tour was led by Rob Pierron, Vice President of Inorganic Business and joining him were Luke Crumley, Constituent Representative from Congressman Tiberi’s office and GFS long-time employees Marty Kiser, Controller, Liza Tallon, Director of Marketing, and Scott Castle, Inorganic Business Development Manager.

The meeting was a follow-up visit to last month’s Society of Chemical Manufacturers (SOCMA) Annual FLY-IN visit to Washington, DC. GFS President; Steel Hutchinson is on the Board of SOCMA and sees strong value in the dialogue that has been created between business and government.

Congressman Tiberi, a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means knows that in order to create jobs in Ohio, businesses need a level playing field and a stable economic regulatory environment.  Tiberi who told his hosts to, ”call me Pat” was impressed by the longevity of the GFS employees he met  and was interested in understanding the types of employees who worked for the company including masters degreed and PhD chemists, HVAC engineers and plant operators.

The Congressman emphasized the value of manufacturing in keeping our local economy healthy because, he said, it contributes to a strong corporate tax base in the state. Tiberi observed the wide range of technical capabilities at GFS and remarked about the diverse customer base and large product line of the small local manufacturer.  GFS exports about 40% of the products manufactured to over 80 countries around the globe.

Before leaving, Tiberi discussed current tax code policy with Controller Marty Kiser.  The GFS team remarked that both Tiberi and Crumley were engaged and informed about the issues that matter to local business.

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Liza Tallon
Director of Marketing
GFS Chemicals

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Reflections on the December GFS Chemicals Plant Tour

by Robert L. Kingman

This year's [2002] joint meeting with the Columbus Section of ACS was a plant tour of GFS Chemicals in the historic Franklinton section of Columbus. GFS is a family-owned company that has been a major supplier of specialty reagents and fine chemicals for 75 years, with annual sales approaching $20 million. Following a welcome by GFS Chemical's President J. Steel Hutchinson, great nephew of founder G. Frederick Smith, and introduction of his parents - GFS's CEO Darrell Hutchinson and his mother, the founder's niece, Scott Rodgers gave a slide presentation on the company.

Scott indicated that GFS includes an extensive catalog business as well as the manufacturing of inorganic and organic chemicals. Besides product sales, GFS provides extensive information services including regular publication of scientific monographs on a wide range of topics reflecting Prof. G. Frederick Smith's commitment as an educator and mentor to the analytical community. Such include publications in various media with updates of some of the original company publications. The GFS Chemicals web site features a growing library of technical and safety information on several key product lines. In time, most of the classic GFS publications will be made available on the web.

GFS has about 70 employees; the production site occupies about 20 acres of land, and the corporate offices are situated on 75 acres in Powell, Ohio, a suburb north of Columbus. Over 45,000-sq. ft. of plant capacity is available at the sole production site - the location of the tour which was conducted in smaller groups. Assisting with the tour were Rob Pierron - Plant Manager, Dr, Lee Cherney, Dr. John Long, Roger Duff, and Michael McBride.

The one GFS plant site has many manufacturing units. All specialty organic chemicals are made in a new, 14,000-sq. ft. facility located across River Street from an historic Franklinton cemetery. This facility is dedicated to the production and analysis of a wide range of organic chemicals. Inorganic specialties are manufactured in several other dedicated buildings. Typically a large number of products are made in small batch quantities using lab type equipment ranging from bench-scale to 1000 gallons. Unique with GFS is a liquid ammonia facility using a cryogenic reactor using a coolant refrigerated with liquid nitrogen.

Founder, G. Frederick Smith, was a Professor of Analytical Chemistry (University of Illinois). His interest in developing both inorganic chemicals and organic ligands as analytical reagents had a profound effect on development of analytical methodologies from 1930 to the 1950's.

Many of the insights Smith gleaned from the development of specialty analytical reagents were shared with the broader scientific community - technical monographs and books published by the company and distributed at no charge. Perchlorates and Rare Earths continue to be topics of great interest to this day. The dissemination of technical and safety information on GFS chemical specialties remains a priority.

The demand for increasingly pure chemical reagents allowed GFS to be one of the first to master the distillation of inorganic acids as well as specialty organics. GFS Trace Metal grade mineral acids provided the semiconductor industry with some of its first acids certified.

Internal development of GFS chemical manufacturing technologies has consistently been supplemented through acquisition of outside product lines and business units. Examples include pyridine-free Karl Fischer reagents, analytical reagent grade quaternary ammonium salts and solutions, Organic Halogen Reagent, and the Farchan line of acetylenic, olefinic and silyl chemical intermediates.

So it is by design that GFS offers strength in all three segments of chemical manufacturing: Inorganic specialties, organic intermediates, and analytical reagents. Such broad capabilities are especially valuable in an age of increasingly interdisciplinary chemical technologies. Combine this with traditional, personal service that you can only find in a family company environment and you have a good understanding of why so many customers regard GFS as their preferred specialty chemical manufacturer.

According to a recent article in C&E News (Nov. 18, 2002, CENEAR 80 46 p.34), GFS uses manufacturing strength to stay independent in the lab chemicals market.

Although perchloric acid remains GFS's biggest product--GFS is the only North American producer--the company has grown beyond Smith's original interests and now offers about 3,000 chemicals, most made in-house. It's production of high-purity inorganic acids and salts, includes specialties such as very dry lithium salts for the battery business.

On the organic side, GFS acquired Farchan Laboratories in 1997, adding chemicals such as liquid ammonia derivatives, acetylenic products, and silanes. Notably, the purchase of Farchan and the 1998 buy of cholesteryl specialties maker Shawnee Chemical prompted GFS to invest in its new organic chemicals plant that opened in 2000 at a cost of some $3 million.

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