Columbus Section

of the American Chemical Society

1897 - 1899

1897: July 22 - The section is first organized by William McPherson
according to C. W. Foulk.  This is the date the letter requesting
consideration of formation of local section was received at ACS headquarters
in New York.

The section receives the charter on October 7.  The section has 18
charter members.  The first meeting is held on Oct. 20 in the Chemical
Laboratory of OSU and 9 persons are present.  Prof. Henry A. Weber of OSU
is elected President and serves for 10 years.  William McPherson serves
as Secretary until Nov. 1900.  Membership and By-laws committees are
formed.  The meeting minutes from 1897 to April, 1920 are recorded in a
notebook that is in the OSU Chemistry Department archives.  The section is
the 9th oldest ACS local section.

1898: Meeting 7 is held at Wirthwein's Hall, 335 1/2 S. High Street.
The next 25 meetings are held at this downtown location.

1899: August 21-25 - The 19th National meeting of the ACS is held in

1900 - 1919

1901 The first distinguished visiting chemist is Professor C.F.
Maberry of Cleveland who presents a paper on the chemical composition of
petroleum at the June meeting.

1903 In December, the section meetings return to The Ohio State
University campus.

1907 The section has 31 members.

1909 The office of Chemical Abstracts moves to OSU.  Austin. M.
Patterson is the editor.

1917 The Section has 97 members.  Columbus rallies to the colors.

1918 The Columbus Chemist, the first section newsletter is published.

1919 Most of the Columbus chemists are released from military service
and projects.  The Chairman is C. E. Boord of OSU, Vice Chairman is C.
J. Ebaugh of Denison Univ., Secy.-Treasurer is J. E. Day of OSU and the
councilor is C. W. Foulk of OSU.  The section reaches 101 members in
January, which allows for a second councilor.

1920 - 1939

1921 The Columbus Chemist ceases publication.

1927 Membership at 112.  The section is reorganized along present
lines.  The section hosts the Second National Organic Symposium, Dec.
29-31.  Attendance was 355 and 16 major papers were presented.  C. E.
Boord was Chairman and R. C. Burrell (Ag. Chem.) was secretary-treasurer.  
W. L. Evans presided, being Chairman of the Organic Division.

1930 William McPherson becomes President of the ACS.

1933 The section subscribes to Isotopics, the regional bulletin published
by the Cleveland Section.

1937 Membership is 169.

1940 - 1959

1941 William Lloyd Evans of OSU becomes President of ACS.

1942 War activity by local chemists begins again.  Many work on aspects
of atomic energy.

1944 Thomas Midgely, Jr. is President of ACS.  He is stricken with
polio and does not survive.  C.S. Marvel (President-elect) serves out
the unfinished term.

1947 The First Annual Symposium on the topic of "polymers" is held at
Battelle Memorial Institute on May 3.

Fiftieth Anniversary
The 50th Anniversary of the Columbus Section was celebrated on Friday,
October 24, 1947 with an all-day program of lectures at the Chemistry
Building of The Ohio State University and an evening banquet at the Neil
House in Downtown Columbus.  There were three charter members in
attendance: Drs. McPherson, Evans, and Foulk.  The principal speaker
was Dr. Charles A. Thomas, President of the American Chemical Society.

The Keynote Address at the banquet was "An Approach to Understanding."

A high school student essay contest was held in honor of the 50th anniversary
of the section.

Dr. William MacNevin was the Chair of the Columbus Section.  Local
section membership was 515.

From the thank you note of Dr. Evans to Dr. MacNevin: "I certainly
hope that these young chemists here today will be sitting at the
head table on the occasion of the Centennial Celebration on October, 1997."

1948 The Second Annual Symposium on polymers is held on May 22.
 Attendance is 191.

1949 The Third Annual Symposium on "Radioactive Tracer Techniques
in Research" is held on May 19.

1950 The Fourth Annual Symposium on "Kinetics and Catalysis" is held on
May 24.  The Section and OSU play host to the Third Symposium of the
ACS Division of Analytical and Microchemistry on June 16 and 17.

1951 Membership at 550.  The section hosts a group of some 50 foreign
chemists (The YOCHINPROJ or "Younger Chemists International Project"
sponsored by the ACS, the Ford Foundation and the US Govt.).  The
two-day program includes tours, talks, luncheons, and a dinner.  K. W.
Greenlee is the Chairman of the event.  The Fifth Annual Symposium on
"Trends in Organic Chemistry" is held at OSU on April 20.  The section
presents a television program on the topic of rubber and plastics as part
of the series on Engineering Your Life sponsored by the Columbus
Technical Council.  Chris Wilson and Ken Greenlee participate for the
On October 2, William McPherson dies.

1953 Membership is 612.  A speakers bureau is organized by Roy Bossert,
Earle Caley and K. W. Greenlee.  The section's May meeting has a record
attendance of 424.  The event is an ox roast with spouses and older
children present.  The roast is held at Plumb Hall, OSU.  The speaker is
Otto Eisenschiml.
E. J. Crane, Director of Chemical Abstracts receives the A. M.
Patterson award in Chemical Documentation.  Crane is honored at a special
joint meeting of the Dayton and Cincinnati Sections held at Antioch
College.  Many from Columbus attend.  The event is reported on page 3 of the
Columbus Section Bulletin in its inaugural issue.
The first bulletin of the speakers bureau is issued, listing 44 speakers and
112 topics.  A total of 20 presentations have taken place by May, 1954.
The Columbus Section Bulletin starts publication with the October issue.
It has 10 mimeographed pages. The editors are K. W. Greenlee, J. N. Pattison and D. Ellis Neunherz. There were 9 issues totaling 88 pages in the first volume.

At the ACS National meeting in Chicago, Section members
present 23 papers.

1954 The section starts a weekly radio program at WOSU using a tape
provided by the ACS New York office.  Cooperation in "Chemical Progress
Week" begins and continues for 3 or 4 years.  On Apr. 17, the section
has first live broadcast of radio program on WOSU.
An afternoon picnic is held on May 22 at Denison U. to
bring senior chemists and college chemistry majors together.  Attendance
was 45 students and 42 ACS members.
A workshop on teaching of college chemistry held at Kenyon
College from June 26-July 2 by the ACS Division of Chemical Education.  
Section pays fees of $45 per person for 5 high school teachers.  Dr.
William Lloyd Evans dies on Oct.16.

1956 The Columbus Section Bulletin changes format in Oct. and becomes
a brief (4 page) leaflet printed by off-set process. It now includes
some pictures. Randall Rice is editor.
The second ox roast is held on April 17.  Hazel Bishop is
the speaker and attendance is about 550.  On June 8, Chemical Abstracts
dedicates a new building in an outdoor ceremony.  In conjunction
with the building dedication, on June 9, James Bryant Conant is honored
with the Charles L. Parson award.

1958 The Chemical Record is the new name for the section's
publication.  Size is increased from 4 to 10 pages and advertising is carried to
make the publication pay its way.  Robert Fulmer is the editor.  Vol. 1
No. 1 is the October issue.  A picture of Dr. E.J. Crane, who was
honored at the Oct. 20 meeting (# 420), is on the cover.

1960 - 1979

1961 Membership is 749 in October.  The Evans Laboratory of
Chemistry is dedicated at OSU with a 2-day program including scientific
papers on Oct. 13 & 14.  A symposium on "Occurrence and Chemistry of
Hydrocarbons" is held at OSU on Oct. 16, jointly sponsored by OSU and
the section.

1962 A seminar on gas chromatography is held on May 22.  Dr. William
Edwards Henderson dies on Sept. 30.  Dr. Henderson was the co-author
with Dr. McPherson of the most widely-used series of American textbooks
on chemistry.  His writing shaped the teaching of elementary chemistry for
many years.

1963 The 18th National Organic Chemistry Symposium is held on June

1965 The section starts an annual award for high school chemistry

1966 Dr. E. J. Crane dies on Dec. 30.

1967 A panel discussion on pollution is held on Dec. 11.

1969 Dr. Melville L. Wolfrom dies on June 20.

1970 The 2nd ACS Central Regional Meeting is held on June 3-5 in
Columbus, hosted by the section.

1972 Seventy Fifth Anniversary
The 75th Anniversary of the Columbus Section was celebrated on Monday,
October 23, 1972.  It was the 532nd section meeting and
was held at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus Laboratories.

There were chemical exhibits throughout the day, and whole day
symposia on environmental crises and on the energy crisis.
In the evening, a reception was followed by a banquet and the meeting
The keynote speaker was Dr. Harold C. Urey, University of California,
San Diego, 1934 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and 1973 Priestly Medal
recipient.  The address title was: "Some Comments on the Moon".
H. Dale Hannan was the Chair.

1973 Dale Hannan proposes that the section establish an award for
outstanding chemist.
Thus the Columbus Section Award is initiated. Dale Hannan accepts the
appointment as administrative assistant for the section.

1976 The first Columbus Section Award is presented to Dr. Melvin L.

1977 The Columbus and Dayton Sections agree to co-sponsor an award in
chemical documentation and the Patterson Award becomes the Patterson-Crane

Neil E. Goodman, a 1977 graduate of Walnut Ridge High School is the
winner of the International Science and Engineering Fair in Cleveland.  A
Small Chemical Business interest group is started by Alternate
Councilor Alexandra Melnyk.  An ad hoc committee, "The Small Chemical
Business Committee" (SCBC) is formed with Ken Greenlee as Chair and
Alexandra Melnyk as Secretary.

1978 The local chapter of the Association of Women in Science of
Central Ohio begins operations under the initiative of Alternate Councilor
Barbara Abler as an outgrowth of a Professional Affairs Cmte. program on
"Employment Environment of Professional Women."

1979 The 11th Central Regional Meeting is held in May, hosted by the
section with Frank Croxton as the General Chair.  The ACS National
President, President-Elect, and Chair of the Committee on CAS attend the
meeting.  Mrs. E. J. Crane makes a monetary gift to the section to provide
permanent funding of the Patterson-Crane Award.  The Education
Committee organizes a semester-long continuing education course, "Introduction
to Polymer Chemistry", taken by 168 persons.  The High School Chemistry
Teachers Interest Group holds several meetings.  Small Chemical
Business and Mass Spectroscopy Interest groups hold several programs.  An
employment service is started by the Professional Relations Committee.

1980 - 1997

1980 Membership is 1331.  The Education Committee offers an audio short
course on "Extrusion Processing of Polymers" at Ashland Chemical Co.  A
Chemistry Demonstration Workshop for teachers is held at Denison
University.  A second continuing education course "Chemical Engineering for
Chemists" is held in the fall for 10 weeks.  Alexandra Melnyk attends the National
Conference on Small Business in Washington, DC.  The Dec. 9th meeting marks
the 600th meeting of the section as a joint meeting with the AIChE and the
Electrochemical Society.
Dr. Billy R. Allen of Battelle presented a talk on gasohol at Battelle
Memorial Institute.
Dr. Fred A. Tate, Associate Director for Planning and Development at
Chemical Abstracts Service receives the 5th Columbus Section Award in
recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of chemical

1981 The section is nominated for the Local Section Outstanding
Performance Awards based on the excellent annual report on the many activities
in 1980.  Dr. Lucile Decker, Immediate Past Chair, receives the Columbus
Technical Council Award for the "Technical Person of the Year."  Dr.
Daniel Lednicer is featured on the NBC-TV production "Health Field",
arranged through the ACS News Service.  A Technician Affiliate Group (TAG)
is formed with more than 30 members.  Mr. Joseph Tabor is primarily
responsible for the successful functioning of the TAG.  The Public
Affairs Coordinating Committee of Ohio Sections (PACOOS) of ACS is formed.

1982 Membership is 1427.  Twenty new members joined the section last
year, largely through the efforts of Dan Hall.  A spring short course
"Current Chromatographic Techniques" is taught by Drs. McNair and Gurkin.  
The section presents the High School Outstanding Senior Award to Scott
Erwin at the Columbus Technical Council Banquet.  Lucile Decker is
appointed ACS Congressional Science Councilor for Ohio Rep. Chalmers Wylie.  
A Fall course on "Surface Analysis and Characterization" is given; 
attendance is 53.
A Safety Workshop for High School teachers is offered.  Incorporation
of the section takes place.  The Catalyst program for increasing
membership and activity in the section is implemented.  A steering committee is
appointed for the 1987 Regional meeting.
A project to secure permanent funding of the Columbus Section Award is
A 5-year plan for the section is established.  A consulting manual for
legislature and news media is developed by PACCOS.

1984 A Women Chemists Committee is formed by 10 members of the

1985 Membership is 1493.  The policy of having monthly meeting programs
with greater variety in topics and sites is continued from the previous
year.  Talks are given on the Mt. St. Helen's eruption, robotics, and 
biochemistry of brewing.  The best-attended program is held at the Columbus
Museum of Art and features a presentation on the chemistry of medieval
pigments by Dr. Mary Virginia Orna.
The College Senior Awards are hosted by Otterbein College.  A meeting
on fire safety, including a tour of the Owens-Corning Fire research
laboratory at Granville, is also on the program.  Mr. Robert Merritt
retires as Editor of the Chemical Record after serving for 17 years.  Dr. Bill
Culbertson, a Past-Chair of the section, receives the Columbus Technical
Council's Technical Person of the Year Award.  Support for PACCOS
continues.  The section participates in the organization of the 1986
International Chemistry Olympiad.  Continuing Education Cmte. presents Time Management Workshop, Networking Workshop, Professional
Advancement for Women Scientists, Chemistry for Kids, and Biological FTIR
courses.  The Small Chemical Business Group has 38 members and the Mass
Spectrometry Group about 20 members.  The High School Chemistry Teachers
Group, with about 100 members, was reactivated.

1986 The elected Chair, George Bare resigns without serving.  The
Chair-elect, J. Richard Toler serves 6 months and then transfers away from
the Section's territory.  Robert Merritt completes the term.

1987 The 19th Central Regional Meeting is held, hosted by the section,
on June 24-26.
Dr. Mary Good, ACS President, visits the Regional meeting.  Dr. Alan
Marshall of OSU is the general chair.  Gordon Nelson, ACS
President-elect is the speaker at the meeting in October.  National Chemistry
Day is celebrated.  Financial and leadership problems are acknowledged.  
There was rapid turnover in the section leadership in the preceding two  
years.  A deficit of $8,000 in 1986 leads to lower expectations on
section activities.  Continuing education activities are dropped.  
In the Chemistry Olympiad, about 30 students take the test in March
and the top six scores take the national examination at Battelle Memorial
Institute in April.

1990 The section participates in National Chemistry Week activities and
on the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the CAS Registry System.  
Local Section dues are $5.

1991 The 3rd National Chemistry Week involves many members.  A small
plane with a banner flies over the Horseshoe during the Ohio State-Iowa
football game.
Other NCW activities include a Family Chemistry Day at COSI, a Boy
Scout Chemistry Merit Badge Day at Ashland Chemical, distribution of
NCW literature at local libraries, and the NCW logo displayed on the OSU scoreboard
during a football game.
The Professional Relations Committee co-sponsors a conference on
"Ethics in Science and Technology Organizations" featuring Dr. Roald
The conference has 149 persons in attendance.  The section makes a $250
donation to the ACS Campaign for Chemistry.  Dr. Ernest L. Eliel,
President-elect of ACS, attends the Executive Committee meeting.  
Dr. Eliel also presents a talk entitled "Chemical Education and The American
Chemical Society" at the section's monthly meeting.

1992 National Chemistry Week activities, under the leadership of
Bob Schwerzel, receive the ACS Phoenix Award for outstanding media
coverage in 1991.  Bob again organizes an impressive NCW program for 1992.  
The Family Chemistry Day at COSI and the Teachers' Workshops draw record
attendance.  The NCW logo is displayed on the giant Ohio Stadium
scoreboard during a nationally televised game. Wendy Reichenbach
starts the "ACS Columbus Section Speakers Bureau for Visting Scientists," 
which receives funding from the ACS Board-Council Committee on Science
for the next two years.
The participation of professional scientists, teachers and students
exceeds expectations.  A finance committee is established, charged with the
responsibility of sound fiscal management of the local section assets and assisting
the treasurer.  A number of innovative public relations programs are
implemented, aimed at improving the visibility and positive image of
chemistry and the chemical profession.  The program committee organizes
interesting meetings and topics for the monthly meetings, including a
Nobel Laureate, Dr. Kenneth Wilson, Past ACS President and eminent
inorganic chemist Dr. Fred Basolo, ACS President-elect Dr. Helen Free,
Dr. Jim Coe of OSU, and Ms. Mary Funke of ACS Professional Services.

1993 Dr. Ned Heindel, President-elect of the ACS, speaks on "ACS and
the Smithsonian: A Science Exhibit of Past and Future."

1994 A series of career management workshops is presented.  The section
participates in National Chemistry Week.  The Visiting Scientists
Program continues its success, bringing scientists to many local area

1995 Family Chemistry Days are held in conjunction with National
Chemistry Week (NCW) at the Center for Science and Industry (COSI).  Over
4300 visitors passed through COSI on these days.  Demonstrations are given
at 8 local libraries.  A satellite seminar and workshop were
offered to teachers.  About 400 T-shirts with the periodic table on the
front are sold as a fund raiser for NCW activities.  ClassiFacts, a
national job listing, was placed at the reference desk in the Business
Section of the Main Building of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  Due to
the popularity of this service, the section extends its original 6-month
subscription.  Ronald Breslow, President-elect of ACS, presents
"Interesting times for Chemistry and ACS."  A joint meeting is held at the
American Ceramic Society headquarters.

1996 A Centennial Committee is organized by Maria Rosenthal to oversee
the planning for the Centennial program.  Dale Baker is named Honorary
Chair of the Centennial Committee.  The Committee develops a logo for
the centennial which is used on T-shirts for National Chemistry Week,
coffee mugs, pencils and all stationary, in preparation for the centennial.  
The National Chemistry Week logo is again displayed on the OSU
scoreboard during a game, and appears in C&E News.  
A homepage for the local section is established.  A State and Local
Government Affairs program begins.

1997 The program for the year highlights the best of the section in the
diverse groups and interests.  The section participates in the
Technology Exchange and Student Career Expo organized by the Columbus
Technical Council, the Industry and Technology Council, and the Greater
Columbus Chamber of Commerce.  
The High School Teachers program features the InTUIT project of the OSU
Department of Teaching and Learning Math & Science Education, on
incorporation of computer technology in the classroom, demonstrated by staff of
Columbus Public Schools, at Columbus Alternative High School.  The
College Affiliates program brings Dr. Julian Davies, Univ. of Toledo, who
speaks on "Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Interfacing Chemistry and
Radiology."  Dr. Derek Horton, former member of the Chemistry Department at
OSU and presently affiliated with the American University in Washington,
D.C., receives the Patterson-Crane Award in recognition for his work
on chemical information and documentation in the field of carbohydrate
The summer picnic takes place at Picnic With The Pops, the
Columbus Symphony Orchestra series of outdoor concerts, featuring the Canadian
Brass Ensemble.  The remainder program plans feature Dr. Alexandra
Melnyk on the Small Chemical Business Division and Mr. John Oleson, Dow
Corning, on The Vision 2020 program for the Chemical Industry.  The main
event of the centennial is the exhibition and banquet, on October 14,
1997, at the Hyatt Regency, Columbus.  Dr. Mary L. Good is the keynote
speaker.  Many members of the National ACS Board and Senior Staff of ACS
are in attendance.  Industries and organizations are invited to
participate in a poster featuring "A Century of Chemistry in Columbus."  The Industry Relations committee is established, with a focus on
activities and services for industry chemists.  This committee and the
Membership committee initiate a membership recruitment campaign, towards the
goals of the ACS 2002 campaign.

The Intersociety Relations committee coordinates participation on
events of the Columbus Technical Council.  The By-laws committee initiates a
revision of the the section's schedule for elections. The Visiting
Scientists program contacts many schools in the area and generates visits
by members.  The 1999 Regional Meeting Committee is established.  The
State and Local Government Affairs program becomes involved with the Ohio
Department of Education, in activities towards development of a science
curriculum along the lines of the Goals 2000 initiative.  
National Chemistry Week activities include larger than ever
involvement of volunteer members, Family Days at COSI, and demonstrations at
local libraries.

As the Columbus Section of the ACS celebrates its first one-hundred years,
its membership stands at 1466.


Each October, the ACS and the Columbus Section recognize those who complete
fifty years of membership.

This year we are pleased to honor those who join
the ACS in 1947 and 1948.  They are:

Mr. William T. Buckingham

Mr. Godfrey F. Grail

Dr. Kurt L. Loening

Dr. Gerard O. Platau

Mr. William C. Schickner

Mr. Harold E. Bigony

Mr. Theodore J. Collier

Dr. Norman Leon Hosansky

Dr. Charles Franklin Hull

Dr. Daniel L. Leussing

Mr. William John Mueller

These members have served chemistry well in their professional careers
and have also participated in activities of the Columbus Section, to
this day.  We recognize specially Dr. Kurt Loening, who currently serves
as Alternate Councilor.

Gerard Platau shares his own bit of history as a member of the
Columbus Section:

"As the Columbus Section celebrates its 100th anniversary and I
complete 50 years of ACS membership, it has been my great privilege to have
been associated with the Columbus Section for the past 47 years.  While
greatly benefiting from the section's outstanding, informative meetings
and varied, entertaining social programs over the past five decades, I
am grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to two of the
Section's pioneering efforts.
In 1958, I served on the organizing committee that founded the
section's own local section publication, The Chemical Record, and then as its
editor for several years.  In 1975, I served on the task force that
expanded the Dayton Section's Patterson Award to honor E. J. Crane and
then, representing the co-sponsoring Columbus Section, as Chairman of the
Austin M. Patterson-E. J. Crane Award for ten years."