Columbus Section

of the American Chemical Society

Mentors Wanted! Help make a difference in a graduate/undergraduate student's life!

As part of our Mentorship Program for 2017, we are creating a pool of volunteer mentors from academia, industries, and retirees who would be available through email to a student to answer their questions regarding a career path, fields of interest, or networking. No face-to-face interaction is necessary. However, mentors can meet their students at local section events throughout the year, if they desire to do so. The time commitment is minimal. Mentees would be graduate or undergraduate students from the Colleges/Universities in the Columbus area.  

How much time will it take?

Not much at all! We don’t expect the need for more than 15-20 minutes of your time per month on average. You don’t have to travel or meet anyone. You can do everything via email/phone.

We would like you to be available to a student for at least 1 year (March, 2017-March, 2018).

How will you help the students?

As a mentor, you will simply be a resource for a student. Although topics you discuss may vary depending on your interest and your mentee, you may help them with-

  • Understanding the pros/cons of specific career paths related to your own;
  • Recognizing various research fields available to them;
  • Networking by introducing them to your contacts;
  • Resume writing by critiquing their resume;
  • Social networking by providing feedback and connections on their LinkedIn accounts;
  • Interviewing skills by sharing what interviews are like in your area of work

Why become a mentor?

  • We believe that even the smallest piece of information can help a student find their forte and become successful. So, your involvement will make a positive change in a student’s life!
  • Be recognized by your Peers: ACS-Columbus section will recognize all the mentors for their time and effort in an annual awards event;
  • Become Visible to your peers and students;
  • Showcase your organization’s  community outreach, while identifying your future team members;
  • Networking: Network with peers for your own professional development as well as with students for recruiting.

How to get involved?

Simply email our Chair-Elect at stating your desire to become a mentor. Please include the following details about yourself- Full Name, Professional Title and Organization, and Areas of expertise (i.e. chemistry/biochemistry/medicinal chemistry/polymer chemistry/material science etc.).