Columbus Section

of the American Chemical Society

The Patterson-Crane Award (co-sponsored with the Dayton Section)

The Dayton and Columbus Sections of the American Chemical Society are seeking nominations for the Patterson-Crane Award, given biennially to acknowledge meritorious accomplishments in chemical information, broadly defined.  The award consists of a $3,000 honorarium, a personalized commendation, as well as travel and lodging expenses.  The recipient is expected to give an address at the time of the award presentation.

 Award Criteria

Nominees, who need not hold ACS membership, should demonstrate outstanding achievement in the documentation of chemistry, including original books or articles, reviews and bibliographies, histories, and biographies.  In addition, contributions of international significance may relate to:

·      Design, development, production, or management of chemical information systems or services.

·      Electronic access to and retrieval of chemical information, and critically evaluated data compilations.

·      Information technology applications in chemistry or other significant chemical documentation, including production of original works, editorial work, or chemical library work.

 Nominations for the award can be sent either in hard copy or via email.  The nominating letter should present the nominee's contributions to the field, as well as an evaluation of his/her accomplishments.  Materials supporting the nomination should include a biography and a bibliography of publications and presentations.  A seconding letters is required and may also be sent as hard copy or via email.

 For more information, contact Steve Trohalaki, Chair of the Patterson-Crane Award Committee, at, 937-878-0677, or 218 Greene St., Fairborn, OH 45324.  Nominations are due by 31 January 2018. 

 Nominations will be judged by a seven-member selection committee consisting of Dayton and Columbus Section members as well as the Chair of the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Information.

The Patterson-Crane Award is international in scope and given in honor of two outstanding members of the Dayton and Columbus Sections: Austin M. Patterson (1876–1956) and E.J. Crane (1889–1966), who were both Editors of Chemical Abstracts Service.  

Past Recipients of the Award

1949 - Austin M. Patterson

1951 - Arthur B. Lamb

1953 - E. J. Crane

1955 - Howard S. Nutting

1957 - Melvin G. Mellon

1959 - Leonard T. Capell

1961 - G. Malcolm Dyson

1963 - W. Albert Noyes Jr.

1965 - Elmer Hockett

1967 - Melville L. Wolfrom

1969 - Herman Skolnik

1971 - Charles D. Hurd

1973 - Pieter E. Verkade

1975 - William J. Wiswesser

1977 - Benjamin H. Weil

1979 - Dale B. Baker

1981 - W. Conard Fernelius

1983 - Eugene Garfield

1985 - Bruno J. Zwolinski

1987 - Kurt L. Loening

1989 - George E. Vladutz

1991 - David R. Lide, Jr.

1993 - Hideaki Chihara

1995 - Arthur E. Martell

1997 - Derek Horton

1999 - Stephen E. Stein

2001 - Gerard P. Moss

2003 - Robert J. Massie

2005 - Dr. Gilles Klopman

2007 - Dr. Gary D. Wiggins

2010  -  Dr. Peter Willett

2015 -  Stephen R. Heller

2018 - Paul Weiss